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                          Solenoid Valves
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                          Solenoid Valves




                          Why Buy a Solenoid Valve  from DIATENG ?

                              DIATENG is a suppliers of solenoid valve products who offers personal solutions not just standard product lines. we currently have more than 2 international brand of regional general agent in China, such as  ClarkCooper、PETER PAUL ...

                             There are many valve manufacturers who make "off the shelf" solenoid valve products. They may even offer a variety of metals and optional components for industrial applications. But as corrosive chemicals, abrasive materials, temperature extremes and high pressures begin to disqualify standard product lines and producers, finding a suitable product and willing vendor becomes a sourcing challenge. Today, engineers, researchers, maintenance departments, purchasing managers, and others involved in identifying solenoid valve solutions have to go through a variety of channels.

                                 When you’re really good at something the word gets around. In our case our good name has been around since 2006. You choose a DIATENG solenoid  valve to solve a difficult problem, increase your process performance or develop something others said was impossible. Next time, when a common general service solenoid valve does not meet your requirements, turn to DIATENG first! We take pride in meeting specialized valve requirements for industry, research, transportation, energy and exploration.



                           ■ All processes are vertically integrated and streamlined using continuous improvement. 

                             principles. For example coils and stamping are both done in-house.

                           ■ Utilizing Lean principles and a Kanban system.

                           ■ Our seals are developed and manufactured in-house and will not deteriorate.

                           Conservative Ratings: 

                           ■ We provide a high quality valve that will do more longer.

                           ■ The valve operating pressure rating and PSI specifications are conservative.

                           ■ Our coils are underrated, again giving more quality for the money.
                          Passivation Process:

                           ■ A better passivation method is implemented at Diateng. This proprietary method uses a

                             special magnetic steel which is then dipped or passivized, eats away the exposed iron, no

                             rust inside or outside.

                           ■ T he process ensures a rust-free environment both inside and outside the valve. Particles

                             cannot interrupt the flow or seal, hence bubble tightness and a smooth flow is guaranteed.

                           ■ Our orifice is precisely machined which creates a better flow through the valve and a

                              bubble tight seal.

                          Hazardous Location:

                           ■ Our hazardous location expertise is unique to the industry and is for high pressure, low

                             pressure, high flow, low flow valve applications.

                           ■ We are the industry leader for hazardous location applications.



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