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                          SIRO Rotating Plunger Pump
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                          SIRO Rotating Plunger Pump



                             STC Schwab Technologie-Center GmbH is the world's exclusive manufacturer of SIRO pumps and SIRO motors. SIRO pumps are established products and on the market for years. Their modular design in three sizes and up to three pump stages allow them to be adapted to specific customer requirements.


                             SIRO pumps are available directly from STC Schwab Technology Center GmbH. We offer attractive prices for pumps, spare parts and components. Other advantages for you are ;

                             ? Order processing directly through the manufacturer

                             ? Competent technical contact persons and

                             ? Repair service at the manufacturer's site.









                          Product Benefits/ USPs
                             ? Long product life

                             ? Minimal power consumption and high efficiency

                             ? Extremely low noise

                             ? Low pulsation

                             ? High flexibility through modular system
                              - Single-stage pumps and motors: 4P, 6P, 8P
                              - Double-stage pumps: 44P, 66P, 88P, 64P, 86P
                              - Triple-stage pumps: 444P, 644P, 664P, 864P, 884P, 886P.








                          Technical Adaptability :
                             ? Range of delivered volumes Qeff from 5 to 700 i/ min

                             ? Large rotational speed range up to 3900 rpm

                             ? High pressures up to 210 bar - even at low rotational speeds

                             ? Constant fluid flow volumes.


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